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Crash course

Get your driving license in 5,8 of 10 days!

Want to get your driving license fase?

With our crash course you can get your driving license within just 5, 8 or 10 days. Experience shows that when driving lessons follow each other faster, you eventually need fewer lessons. At All-in-One, you get multiple driving lessons each day and week. You will be able to learn faster and therefore get your driving license faster. We strongly recommend to start off with a free trial driving lesson. During this lesson our driving instructor will accurately estimate how many lessons you will need based on your abilities, such as vehicle control and traffic insight. Our driving instructor then creates a plan for the crash course based on your schedule and availability and the actual reservation time.

Ready to start?

Once you start with the crash course lessons you can drive up to 3 to 4 hours per day. It is important that you follow your driving lessons during the day as much as possible, preferably during peak hours, because there is much more traffic at these times and therefore much more teaching moments occur. If you want to start with driving lessons driving school All-in-One is the best choice. By chosing us, you choose security, quality and above all: convenience! With us you decide how, where and when you want to start with your driving lessons. You will benefit from a proven and unique teaching method from a reputable school. And, you determine the speed of the lessons.

Free trial lesson?

During this lesson we will determine your driving skills and you will receive a personal advice. When you decide to take more driving lessons this trial lesson is absolutely free! Otherwise this trial lesson will cost you €35,-.