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Exam Warranty

Because we are convinced about our instructors and teaching method

Exam warranty

We are convinced about the quality of our instructors and our teaching methods. If you do not succeed after following the number of lessons we recommended in your personal advice, we will refund your first retest. This way you save € 242, – on your re-examination. The exam guarantee applies to all students who have completed the free trial lesson and took the amount of advised lessons between the first and second exam.

When you want to start with driving lessons driving school All-in-One is the best choice. By chosing us, you choose security, quality and above all: convenience and fun! You decide how, where and when you want to start with your driving lessons. You will benefit from a proven and unique teaching method from a reputable school. Book a free trial lesson and get started!


  • You completed a free trial lesson;
  • You followed the advice of our instructor regarding the amount of to follow lessons;
  • You adhered to the financial obligations;
  • You have completed the required theory exam;
  • All-in-One reserves the right to modify the personal advice during the lessons. This also means that the exam guarantee conditions can be adapted. The most recently issued opinion is binding on the exam guarantee conditions.
  • The driving lessons must not be interrupted for more than four consecutive weeks
  • The free re-examination must be completed within ten weeks after the first failed driving test.
  • The free re-examination only applies when the advice of the driving instructor regarding the amount of lessons to take between the first and second exam actually took place.

Free trial lesson?

During this lesson we will determine your driving skills and you will receive a personal advice. When you decide to take more driving lessons this trial lesson is absolutely free! Otherwise this trial lesson will cost you €29,-.