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Teaching method

Get your driving license quickly with our unique teaching method

Unique teaching method

At driving school All-in-One we use a unique teaching method. This includes a free trial lesson resulting in a personal advice and a clear progression system. We are so convinced of our way of teaching that we pay your re-examination when you might fail at the driving exam. Our successful lessons method consists of the following components.

1. Trial lesson

We believe every student is different. Our instructors will study your driving skills, traffic insight and personality during this free trial lesson. Afterwards you get answers to all your questions, for example: How many lessons will I need to pass the driving exam? What package is best for me? What are the estimated costs? When can I start and when can I take the exam? Our lessons lasts one hour and includes an extensive personal advice. The trial lesson is totally free when you decide to start with us. Otherwise this lesson costs only € 29, -.

2. Personal advice

After the trial lesson our driving instructor will estimate how many lessons you will need based on your understanding of traffic, vehicle control and entry level. Our instructors are trying to estimate this as accurate as possible. Each student is different. It is possible that you ultimately needed less or more driving lessons before you were 100% ready for the driving test. Of course, this remains an indication, but after more than 6,000 graduated students we can make a good estimation!

Progression system

Our driving instructor will determine certain objectives at the beginning of each driving lesson. After each driving lesson we will review to what extent these objectives have been achieved. Since all actions and objectives are tracked by the driving instructor you always know your progress. Based on your progressions our driving instructor will give you some assessments and homeword assignments in order to get you prepared for the next driving lesson. This will increase the chances of success and reduces the amount of driving lessons significantly, which will save you money!

Exam warranty

We are convinced about the quality of our instructors and our teaching methods. If you do not succeed after following the number of lessons we recommended in your personal advice, we will refund your first retest. This way you save € 242, – on your re-examination. The exam guarantee applies to all students who have completed the free trial lesson and took the amount of advised lessons between the first and second exam.

Free trial lesson?

During this lesson we will determine your driving skills and you will receive a personal advice. When you decide to take more driving lessons this trial lesson is absolutely free! Otherwise this trial lesson will cost you € 29,-.